Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 26: We Interrupt This Program To Bring You Photos Of Food

I swear, this was not supposed to be a food blog.
But here I am posting pictures of the food I made today. I made up a batch of cinnamon apple muffins on a whim. By the time I got them in the oven it was almost lunch time. I was not looking forward to another bowl of soup or grilled cheese sandwich (or cleaning the grill for that matter), so I searched for some different lunch ideas online and quesadillas popped up. So I made a veggie quesadilla.It's really not that burnt. I should have put the other side up on the plate, but I wasn't planning to take a picture at that time. It just looked so good I had to before I took a bite.

Diced tomatoes are a requirement for veggie quesadillas. I went from being the girl who had never bought a tomato in her life to the girl who always keeps a tomato or two on hand in the fridge, ready for such circumstances as these.

I did spend the morning cleaning the bathroom, but if you look closely at the muffin photo you can see how horribly disgusting and food-encrusted my stovetop is. It's embarrassing. This kind of thing never used to embarrass me. I guess that means I've improved. Baby steps.

Now back to my quesadilla.

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  1. The quesadilla looks so good. Yum! Makes me hungry just to read your post!