Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 19: Officially Moved In

You're not really moved-in until you have one of these babies:
This is a commercial-size SpeedQueen. A friend hooked us up with a friend who hooked us up with this washer-dryer set. The load of clothes currently in this machine is nearly four times the size of the loads that fit in the stackable washer that came with our old apartment. And as you can probably tell there is room for more. I decided to set aside a few clothes for the next load so this load won't take quite so long to dry (and so the really bright new colors won't bleed since I am a bad housewife and I put whites and darks together - the whites are all on the bottom so you can't see them here).

I don't think I will have any major problems drying them anyway, since the dryer is quite cavernous as well:

But what should I do with the cozy little space between them? I suppose the mop bucket and perhaps the broom will be rehomed here.
I suppose that's a minor question in comparison to my other burning question of the day. How the heck am I supposed to organize my pantry?
I'm ashamed to post these. I really am. I'm also ashamed that I have two bulk-sized packages of paper towels on the top shelf. One day I went to get out a new roll of toilet paper from a brand new package (at the old apartment) and discovered after opening the package that it was not toilet paper but paper towels. I thought I was out of paper towels so I had just purchased another 6-roll pack. And I thought I had a brand new package of toilet paper so I purchased none. So now I have two HUGE packages of paper towels and once again I'm down to just one roll of toilet paper. Has anything like that ever happened to you? Leave it in the comments.

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  1. We keep buying tiny containers of sour cream, only to realize there is one in the back of the fridge, unopened. We only use it for tacos, and only eat tacos a couple times a month, maybe, so we forget.

    This week I didn't buy the wrong thing, but I did buy groceries and came home without one of the bags. The best place to forget your groceries, if you are going to forget them: Target.