Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 13: A Trip Back In Time

I feel I must apologize to my loyal readers for my continued lack of updates. So, here is a bonus post that I should have put up last Friday.

Thursday I did not end up going to work, because the museum closed down for the rest of the day. Hubby got home early. Friday morning was just as bad and neither of us had to work. When afternoon rolled around we were so sick of being inside and the sun was out and melting the snow off the roads so rapidly that they were steaming (wish I had gotten a pic of that) so we went shopping. The goal was to locate some cheap poster frames for artwork such as this:
It is now framed and hanging on one side of the formerly bare hallway.

While out shopping we got a call from a friend with some unclaimed Avs tickets. So, we made a bit of a U-turn and picked up a pair of row 11 VIP tix and a parking pass and booked it downtown. Didn't have time to stop for dinner so we got some seven dollar nachos at the game. At first I was mad about the price but once we got our food and found our seats and started chowing down, we both decided that they really were seven dollar nachos. Much better than Taco Bell. Saw a friend from our old workplace while there but didn't have time to chat. We had a game to watch!Here we are at the game waiting for something exciting to happen. Sorry for the horribly washed out photo; I wasn't quite done adjusted settings when the guy behind us offered to take our pic. This picture cost him nearly half a bag of popcorn which he spilled while getting the camera from Merlin. Guy behind us, if you happen to read this: thank you for your sacrifice!

The game was terrible. I won't even tell you the score. Let's just say that the zambonis were much more exciting. There was the Coors zamboni, not pictured here, and the Frontier Airlines zamboni. There were mini blimps shaped like Chipotle burritos, the Denver Post (RIP Rocky Mountain News), and a Coors Light can (booooring - give us a New Belgium blimp!). The Chipotle burrito blimp dropped some kind of coupon in our section. A hockey puck beaned a kid in the face in our section too (brave little guy - he was A-ok as far as I could tell). So, the evening wasn't entirely devoid of excitement.

Since then I've been working, reading, and doing absolutely nothing with the new apartment other than trying to stay warm. We got another mini-blizzard last night but not much stuck. Everyone's windshields were iced over this morning.

Since this post is out of order and since none of the above had hardly anything to do with our new place, I offer one more photo:

I made almond cheesecake brownies today. Hungry yet?

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  1. 1.) I miss Avs games and NHL nachos are indeed far superior to any minor league nachos.

    2.) Chipotles can fly? Dang!

    3.) I want your brownies