Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 4: More On Cat Storage

Since so many of you enjoyed my usage of cats as a unit of measurement, I thought I would continue on the topic of cat storage today. I spend a good deal of time reading about how to declutter, organize, and optimize small spaces. had a great post recently about what to do with tiny kitchens (without violating the terms of your lease). I was intrigued by a suggestion to remove cabinet doors. I filed this interesting cabinet hack in my little brain attic (a la Sherlock Holmes) for later.

After agonizing about what the heck to do with the stupid litter box for a few days, I came up with this:

Hubby actually put the plan in motion after I told him about the crazy idea I had. As you can see, he left the hardware attached to the cabinet. I will need to go back at some point with a screwdriver, detach it, and reattach it to the door for proper storage.

He put the box in facing the front, but it was a little high for her to reach from the floor and I felt she would track litter out of the box too easy that way, so I turned it sideways. It's a tight squeeze but she can make it in ok and it seems much more private for her. If she complains too much I'll turn it back the other way, but so far so good.

Plans are in the works for a curtain and a litter-catching mat, but there are many, many more parts of our apartment to organize first.

I had hoped to solve a few organization issues with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond earlier today but walked out with nothing. I did find some beautiful shelf liner and Pyrex prep bowls that I may have to go back for at some point, but it's all about priorities for now.

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  1. That sounds like a great plan for the cat liter box. Hmmm. Makes me wonder if I can do the same thing in the ivy bathroom. I know there is not a good place for it where the washing machines are. You and your hubby are very talented for coming up with tiny space solutions!