Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 3: Breaking in the Kitchen

Although the silverware drawer situation has still not been sorted out as of tonight (there's still time to vote!), we went on a pretty massive grocery shopping expedition last night and I now have food in the house that can be cooked. Perfect timing, since I cleaned out the leftovers from Mom's moving day lunch for our dinner last night. We ate out on the patio since the weather was so beautiful. Last night felt like late spring.

Today felt like summer. It smelled like summer. Hot tar has a very distinct smell to it.

Turkey tacos were tonight's dinner. The least I could do after roping hubby into taking me grocery shopping late at night was to make his favorite meal. I was feeling pretty good about having washed the dishes before dinner so I made the tacos extra special by sauteeing the bell peppers and onion. Once we finished dinner I washed the dinner dishes, too.

I never wash dishes twice in one night.

But, whenever I have a clean kitchen I have to find a way to mess it up. I made cookies.

I am addicted to Picasa's collage feature, it appears. These are Pioneer Woman's famous Oatmeal Crispies, quite possibly the best oatmeal cookie on earth. I've made them several times already, which defies reason. It defies reason because (a.) I hate oatmeal cookies and (b.) I hate using the same recipe over and over. Booooring. But Oatmeal Crispies are far from boring.

I should note that mine are actually cherry walnut oatmeal crispies. Usually I stick dried cranberries in these babies and leave out the pecans, but I wanted to follow the recipe as close as possible this time. I was doing great until I got to the walnuts. I meant to measure 1/2 cup. Instead I sort of dumped in the crumbs from my walnut bag, stopping when I had what I deemed a close approximation to 1/2 cup. Then I really screwed things up and dumped what may have or may have not been 1/2 cup of cherry chips.

I am eating one right now. It's awesome. But I do miss my dried cranberries.

Before I ate it, I washed my cookie dishes. For the record, tonight I washed dishes more times tonight than I usually do in a week.


  1. Cough cough... want to bring a sick family some krispies? *grin* They look great! Way to break in the kitchen!

  2. Hmmm. Turkey tacos sound good. I'm sure Merlin gobbled them up! The cookies sound delicious. Are you going to send out the new address in a mass email in the near future? I have a new address for Nan to give to you.