Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 10: Drawer Dilemma - The Exciting Conclusion?

After a long hiatus due to busy schedules and severe lack of sleep, some of which I attribute to the dog-coyote hybrids that our next door neighbors apparently own, it's time for an update on my silverware situation.

Congratulations. The majority of you (57%) picked Drawer #3. Here is a view of that drawer from a slightly different perspective:

Thanks to everyone who put in their vote for me to keep my silverware in the bathroom. Apparently the distance from the kitchen and the reduced sanitation levels do not faze you.

Some of the other suggestions I received were a magnetic knife strip (not sure how silverware is supposed to stick to that), a caddy, and to do away with silverware entirely (thanks Greg - you can come make our peanut butter sandwiches). No one voted for drawers 1 or 2, which are the only drawers that are actually in the kitchen.

I guess it's back to square one. I like this square and I'm thinking of getting it: Shesham Flatware Caddy from Crate & Barrel. Although it is a bit pricey for a silverware caddy, it does have space for all my salad forks and spoons whose names I haven't yet figured out. Let me know what you think in the comments - should I go with this, or keep trying?


  1. I like this one, scroll down the page cant miss it.

  2. A silverware caddy does sound like the best solution. Just load it up straight from the dishwasher and bypass the pesky drawers where the cats and the mice are packed in like sardines, waiting for some one to go on a diet!

  3. Was drawer number 3 actually located in the bathroom? I'm sorry, I didn't pick up that information from the description in the poll presentation. I thought all three of them were in the kitchen. Most certainly you don't want to keep your silverware in a drawer in the bathroom. It does sound like a caddy or some sort of space taking box will be needed to hold your silverware in the kitchen.

  4. And also don't let Greg make peanut butter and jelly without silverware. unless you like eating Greg germs EWW